Saturday, 25 May 2013

Take part in MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE 2 !

What was this Message in a Bottle thing?

5 Years ago, along with Lillie Yifu, I made the Message in a Bottle exhibit at Second Life's 5th Birthday event. It featured voice contributions from hundreds of Second Life users. Check out this video of it :

It was a treasured project - featured on the Linden Lab home page for some time after the event. Some residents and Lindens even told me it made them cry!

So what now?

Its now SL10B ( wow where did those 5 years go .. ) and I have been given some space at the celebrations to do a new exhibit. 

This one might be a bottle - but it might not. It depends on what you all send in! 

So how can I participate?

1. Record 10s or less of your voice ( using any software or app you like - suggestions below ) 

2. Answer the question - "What does Second Life mean to you in 2013 ?"
3. Email me the recording (or a link to it) with your avatar name to If you send a link to soundcloud or something please make sure its downloadable!

Currently its likely that all submissions will be played anonymously, but if you want to specifically supply your sound file anonymously, or record yourself using a voicemorph contact Dizzy Banjo in world.

*Suggestions for recording software :

Audacity for Windows, Mac or Linux

Soundcloud mobile apps
Voice memos app for iPhone

If you use a voicemorph then give me an IM ( Dizzy Banjo ) and we can work out a way to record you!

Hope to hear some great contributions soon!

Dizzy Banjo